In 2014 alone, an estimated 12,564,000 individuals had the confidentially of their medical records breached. 68% of these breaches were due to lost or stolen mobile devices.
— US Department of Health and Human Services


We feel that everyone should enjoy the benefits of enterprise mobility management and have created a solution which allows small and mid-sized organizations to better secure their mobile environment.


We are able to offer a sophisticated, yet lightweight, EMM product because our Enromo designers had the luxury of looking at EMM with fresh eyes. Enromo offers every feature you could hope while deliberately excluded support for redundant legacy features. By eliminating this baggage we are able to offer a smoother user experience for both admins and users. It also helps us manage our development and operations costs – savings which we pass directly to you.

Enromo reduces the workload for administrators instead of adding to it. And the end-user enjoys an unobtrusive framework that frees them to use the mobile devices without security concerns.



Enromo provides complete visibility and the power to easily manage your BYOD or corporate mobile devices in just 3-4 clicks



Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Data Management remains at the core of EMM Platforms. MDM lets you manage mobile device configuration (such as email) and usage policies, restricting access to device hardware features. Enromo provides comprehensive support for MDM features, such as remote, over-the-wire device enrollment, configuration and profile management, controlling access to hardware features, and ensuring device integrity. And yes, if a mobile phone is lost, we can selectively wipe the business data from it remotely.


Authentication and Identity Management

Ensuring that only trusted users and groups have access to enrolled devices and to enterprise resources is critical for EMM. Enromo supports Single Sign-on, multi factor authentication, and integration with major identity providers, such as OAuth, Active Directory, and LDAP. Additionally, the Enromo platform supports Geofencing and Time-fencing, in case you need to restrict access to device features and organizational resources by location or time.


Analytics And Telco Expense Management

Your employees need to be mobile but when they travel, roaming and data charges can quickly become excessive.  Enromo lets you set geofencing limits and alerts to keep expenses in check.  Additionally, Enromo provides reports and dashboards to monitor mobile device health, usage, and compliance with organizational policies.

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Mobile Application Management (MAM)

In our personal and professional lives we rely on a growing ecosystem of business-critical mobile applications. Enromo ensures that the required applications are automatically installed and upgraded on managed devices. We can also help your users avoid security issues or reputation harm by supporting application black-listing and white-listing.


Mobile Information Management (MIM)

In today’s increasingly BYOD world, keeping your enterprise data secure, while still allowing your users unobstructed access to their personal information is critical. Enromo platform leverages modern mobile OS functionality to ensure complete separation between corporate and personal data while supporting employee ability to work on the go. And while securing access to enterprise information assets remains a critical concern, we have also included support for critical Data Loss Prevention scenarios.


System Integration and IT Operations

Enromo can make a daunting task of managing a mobile device fleet a breeze by making Enterprise Mobility deployment, configuration, and management as fast, intuitive, and admin-friendly as possible. Enroll new users and devices in a snap and choose from a comprehensive set of mobile policies (or simply customize them to better fit your needs). And, if you need to include EMM functionality in your custom mobile applications, Enromo comes with a robust SDK that will let your developers tap into the power of our EMM platform.



Enromo is the EMM platform built for small and medium-sized businesses


Get new devices and users enrolled in a few clicks and be up and running in minutes rather than days

Never compromise between security and usability - Keep corporate and personal data and applications separated


Enromo is a Cloud solution - That means no servers to manage and no updates to install, ever

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Choose from a number of preconfigured policies based on mobile security best practices - or customize them to fit your needs


Enromo is the most cost-effective solution available - we even have a free version



Enromo is the simplest way to safeguard your data